WELLNESS: A Happy Fourth of July!

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My Fourth of July weekend was sensational! It was a reunion for me with my wonderful family on my father’s side.  It’s been a long time since I’ve visited with them although they’ve often invited me to family events.  I am so grateful. On the Fourth I joined them to celebrate in Carrollton, Texas, outside of Dallas.  It was the best Fourth of July celebration I’ve had in years.  The food was so scrumptious. I ate as much as I could eat as well as tasted everything on the menu. The food awakened all of my senses. The pool was constantly full with kids.  They were having so much fun. As we waited for the fireworks, my cousin, who is a professional magician entertained us. A PROFESSIONAL MAGICIAN!!! He’s Karl Washington, located in the Los Angeles area, check him out. He’s amazing! AMAZING!!! Some of his tricks were breath taking. I’m still thinking “how did he do that?”  Needless to say, some of us were mentally confused, lol, and the kids were thrilled.  It was sensational entertainment. His entertainment was much better than my attempt at playing “Reunited” on the piano.  I chose “Reunited” because of the title of the song and because I’ve been practicing it lately. I shouldn’t even mention my attempt at playing it, but there was an open mic, figuratively speaking, I couldn’t resist… (my performing friends would understand what I mean, I needed to express myself.)  Later we sat around talking and I heard stories about my father’s talents.  He played instruments and was a singer. I learned that when he passed away he was singing “Lonely Tear Drops”.  He passed away at the age of 19 in a car accident.  Afterwards, I arrived back at my hotel room later that night, I was happy to find a fitness room in the hotel.  After all that food I hit the treadmill at 12 midnight.